Raised from the mud in the darkest forest of southern Sweden a cold night in 2016, three warriors prepared to conquer the land together with their golden haired Ravenqueen. That night, under the full moon, they became REXORIA.

To connect with the people they started to create music with speed, power and folk influences. They showed their music on stages around the country and presented an energetic force and got appreciated by the people who heard them. And soon they were traveling around in Europe with other metal warriors like Bloodbound, Battle Beast, Crystal Viper, Thobbe Englund (ex Sabaton) and Bullet.

But they also wanted to wander the north and started to play in Sweden with bands like Dynazty, Bonafide and will in some cold November nights in 2019 play with the German power metal band Freedom Call.

Now they are hoping to get more people in their family since radio stations all over the world has started to spread their music. In October they will release their second album ”Ice Breaker” that was mixed and mastered in Studio Fredman, in the city of Gothenburg, west in Sweden. Look up to the sky and find REXORIA!


Frida ohlin

Year of birth: 1992 
Instrument: Vocals and keyboard 
Equipment: Senheizer Wireless Mic System 
Favorite bands: Battle Beast, Edguy, Iron Maiden, Dare, Gotthard 
Hobbies: Song writing, travel and adventures, animals, social studies, TV-series

jonas gustavsson

Year of birth: 1988 
Instrument: Bass/Guitar
Equipment: Gibson Standard, ESP Eclipse, Fender Percission Bass, Marshall Amplifier
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Sabaton, Overkill, Amon Amarth 
Hobbies: Collect records, listen to music, gym, video games

Cristofer Svensson

Year of birth: 1989 
Instrument: Guitar 
Equipment: Gibson explorer, Schecter Hellraiser, Blackstar Amplifier
Favorite bands: Amon Amarth, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Amorphis, Powerwolf 
Hobbies: Video games, watch movies, watch hockey games

Martin gustavsson

Year of birth: 1993 
Instrument: Drums 
Equipment: Tama Starclassic B/B, Sabian AAX cymbals
Favorite bands: Iron Maiden, Hardcore Superstar, Mötley Crue
Hobbies: Video games, R/C planes, watch music live shows